Write your Skills and Ability Section with specific keywords : 
For example  :

  • Diligent and Driven Team Player Seeking Exciting Responsibilities as a Fresher.
  • Excellent in designing and developing creative and innovative ideas as per requirement.
  • Solving problem in an effective and creative manner in a challenging position.

Precis, Bio
Make it precise and accurate.

For example:

  • Rohan Apte, 21 Years, Pune, IN.
  • Bachelors in Electrical Engineering.
  • ……… Specialist
  • Site Engineer
  • MEP Certified
  • IEEE Members

Give their positions, do NOT disclose identity and contact details.

For example: HOD, EEE Dept, Your College (Contact details readily available on request).




  • Be crisp
  • Use easy-to-read language and vocabulary
  • Re-read your resume before an interview
  • Continually finetune

Making a resume for an Electrical Engineering fresher, Do keep the following points in mind.

  1. Keep your resume as short as possible. two pages. Not more than that.
  2. Write your communication data like name, address, email id and phone no. at the top. Don’t write a heading as Resume. It is very well understood.
  3. Write your academic degrees in descending order. The most recent one first. Mention only till 10th std.
  4. Write all your major certification and achievements, that too in descending order.
  5. Be specific: Always be very specific with your skill and hobbies and edit them according to which company and job profile.
  6. Write atmost two references from your college. Tell them beforehand you are doing so. Mention their email id and phone with their permission.
  7. Use simple English words. Dont try to make a fool of yourself by using jargons.
  8. Be ready to justify whatever is written in your resume. If you are a good singer or guitarist they may ask you to perform a short sample.
  9. Never ever fake a degree or percent on your resume. If you get selected,all the things get verified by a third party hired by the company.
  10. Use times new roman and font size of 10 to 12. Dont use bold or italic unless needed.