In some existing power systems installations, the measured conductor cannot be opened or remove for insertion of the current transformer. In such cases  Split-core current transformers  allows you to easily install the CT around existing bus or cable conductors, thus eliminating the need to disconnect, move, and reconnect the bus or cable. They are perfect for applications in which the current path must not be disrupted.

Split-core CT comes with openable jaw which enables an operation free installation/removal of CTs. This split core current transformer enable the measurement of AC current waveform with galvanic isolation between the primary power circuit and the secondary measurement circuit. It comes in different current range 5A (SCT 013-005), 15A(SCT-013-015),30A(SCT-013-030),50A(SCT-013-050) upto 100A(SCT-013-000).

Split core current transformer is more suitable for application where power interruption is not allowd.

Split Core Ccurrent Transformer

CTs are generally located in the main panels or in branch distribution panels where space and intruption is always a challenge.

Since CTs are to be installed 90-degree to the current carrying conductor. CT cores are solid core type or may have a split core. The construction of core, whether solid or split defines how the CT can be installed. Solid core CTs feature a closed loop, in which the primary conductor must be passed through.

Whereas, a split core CT can be temporarily made open for retrofit installations. During which the primary conductor need not be disconnected while the CT is being installed.

Technical indicators :

  • Hanging installation,leading wire output
  • Fire resistance property:UL94-V0
  • Standard:GB1208-2006
  • Work temperature:-25℃~+70℃
  • Storage temperature:-30℃~+90℃
  • Work voltage:660V
  • Frequency range:50Hz-1KHz
  • Dielectric strength:3.5KV 50Hz 1min

Application of Split Core CT SCT013

  • Hybrid inverter (home energy storage)
  • Power metering: current measurement for active power calculation
  • Building sub-metering: energy efficiency monitoring, consumption analysis, and cost allocation
  • Power quality monitoring: electrical loads and distribution system equipment
  • Distributed measurement systems
  • Condition monitoring (e.g., motor loads such as conveyors, pumps)

SCT-013 Model Available


  • Brand: YHDC
  • Model Number: SCT-013-000
  • Input Current (RMS): 0∼100A
  • Turn ratio: 100A:0.05A
  • Output Current: 0-50mA (current output Type with built-in protective diode )

* transient voltage suppressor limits the output voltage in the event of accidental disconnection from the burden.



  • Brand: YHDC
  • Model Number: SCT-013-030
  • Input Current: 0∼30A
  • Output Voltage: 1 V (Across built-in sampling resistor)
SCT-013-000 Split Core Current Transformer, 100A, 50A, 30A 1


  • Brand: YHDC
  • Model Number: SCT-013-050
  • Input Current: 0∼50A
  • Output Voltage: 1 V (Across built-in sampling resistor)
SCT-013-000 Split Core Current Transformer, 100A, 50A, 30A 1
  • Accuracy : ±1%
  • Linearity : ≥ 0.2%
  • Weight : 50g
  • Core Material : Ferrite
  • External Material: ABS Plastic
  • Dielectric Strength(VAC/1min :6 kV
  • Work voltage: 660V
  • Open Size:13mm×13mm
  • Frequency: 50Hz to 1 kHz

SCT013 Models

STC-013 current range

SCT 013 Arduino Interfacing

To connect an SCT013 sensor to an Arduino microcontroller, the output signal from the SCT013 current transformer needs to be conditioned so it meets the input requirements of the Arduino analog inputs, i.e. a positive voltage between 0V and the ADC reference voltage. 
If the current transformer is a current output type such as the YHDC SCT-013-000, the current signal needs to be converted to a voltage signal using a burden resistor. If the signal is a voltage output you can skip the burden resistor, as the burden resistor is inbuilt.

Arduino Code

To measure current using this split core current transformer you need emon.h library and Arduino code  in the ZMCT103 post.

STC 013 000 Arduino Interfacing

STC-013-000 modules comes without Sampling resistor, it provide current output praprotional to Input current. To convert current into voltage R5(burden resistor)18Ω to 33Ω must be added across CT terminal. Check burden resistor Calculations


STC 013 050 Arduino Interfacing

All the remaining module in STC-013 series comes with Inbuilt burden resistor. No need to add externally.

SCT-013-000 Split Core Current Transformer, 100A, 50A, 30A 3

STC 013 Specification

Core Material Ferrite
External Material ABS
Input Current 100A
Frequency 50Hz to 150KHz
Opening Size(mm) 13×13
Dielectric Strength(VAC/1min) 6000
Operating Temperature (°C) -25 to +85
Cable Length 1 Meter
Shipment Weight 0.09 kg
Shipment Dimensions 9 x 7 x 3.5 cm

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