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ZMCT103C AC current Sensor is the best for the purpose of the DIY project and industrial application, where we need to measure the accurate AC current with current transformer. ZMCT103C is an perfect choice to measure the AC current using Arduino/ESP8266/Raspberry Pi like an opensource platform. In many electrical projects, engineer directly deals with measurements with few basic requirements like

  • High galvanic isolation
  • High accuracy
  • Good Consistency

ZMCT103C is a high precision micro current Transformer. This module makes it easy to monitor AC mains current upto 5 Amps . ZMCT103C  is  a pcb mount current transformer with 1000:1 turns ratio and Dimensions: 28 x 12 x 15 mm(LxWxH).

Applications of ZMCT103C Current Transformer

  • Metering (electrical energy meters)
  • AC Voltage measurements
  • Sensing Overload Current
  • Ground fault detection
  • Household electrical equipment
  • Industrial apparatuses
  • Electrical testing equipment and relay protection
  • Analog to digital circuits      

Features of ZMCT103C Micro Precision Current Transformers

  • low price
  • small size ( 18.3mm x17 mm) and lightweight
  • Easy PCB mounting
  • Good consistency
  • widely acclaimed
Specifications Discriptions
Rated input current 0-10A(50Ω)
Rated output current 5mA at input 5A
phase angle error ≤15'(input 5A,sampling resistor 50Ω)
Isolation withstand voltage 4500V
Turns Ratio 1000:1
Measurement accuracy Class 0.2
Linearity ≤0.2%(5%dot~120%dot)
Installation PCB mounting(Pin Length>3mm)
Operating Frequency 45-55Hz
operating temperature -40℃~+85℃

Know More About pcb mount current transformer

ZMCT103C  is a high precision Current Transformer. This module makes it easy to monitor AC mains current upto 5A. A tiny little thing the size of a bouillon cube. Holds up to 4.5kV per breakdown voltage, the ratio of turns is 1000: 1, but this is a current transformer of 5A: 5mA.

ZMCT103C Datasheet

Download the datasheet of ZMCT103C it provide details specification, dimensions, mounting etc.

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ZMCT103C Arduino Wiring Diagram

To connect a ZMCT103C sensor to an Arduino board, the output signal from the ZMCT sensor needs to be convert into measurable range of  Arduino analog inputs, that is +ve voltage between 0V and the ADC reference voltage (5V is no ADC Reff is supplied) .

To do this job the following circuit is used,

ZMCT103C Micro Current Transformer |  5A / 5m 1

The output of ZMCT103C is acurrent signal, which needs to be converted to a voltage signal using a burden resistor. See the calculation of Burdon resistor of SCT-013

ZMCT103C Arduino Code