AC Power Measurement using Arduino

Measuring AC power using Arduino microcontroller and Instrument Transformer. This article gives you a software and hardware solution concerning the Atmeaga328P  microcontroller and the Instrument transformer power measurement module for measuring AC power. We also provides hardware and Arduino Program for AC Power Measurement.

To ensure more accurate AC Power Measurement using Arduino, we designed cost effective DIY AC wattmeter using ZMCT103C current transformer and ZMPT107B Voltage Transformer. This DIY AC wattmeter is designed for the effective measurement of

  • AC voltage
  • AC Current
  • Active Power
  • Apparent Power
  • Power Factor.

This DIY AC wattmeter module used for single-phase power monitoring up to 1000V AC voltage and 100A current applications. you can easily interface this module to any microcontroller like Arduino, STM32, PIC, AVR etc.

ZMCT103C high precision PCB mount micro current transformer converts a high primary current into a lower secondary current. This module makes it easy to monitor AC mains current upto 5 Amps.  For Higher current measurement you can replace ZMCT103C with PBT terminal and connect any wired current transformer upto 100A.

There is need for accurate and economic methods of voltage and current measurement using arduino

power measurement. The main objective of this project is Power Measurement to reduce peak on generation by providing customers with their instantaneous power consumption. The aim of providing such data to the user is, to encourage them to shift their load during non-peak hour and reduce their power usage and electricity bill.

ATMEGA328P has an embedded 10-bit ADC for current and voltage measurement, GPIO for LCD management, and a lot of other peripherals for communication, tamper detection, keyboard, and power disconnection. Powerful architecture of the STM32™ microcontroller allows sampling at 1 Msps. The high sampling rate makes it possible to use methods for ADC resolution enhancement.